Here's what we achieved in 2019!

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Youth Bus

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1:1 Workshops with Young People

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Holiday Clubs – Tackling Holiday Hunger & Food Poverty

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Parents community hearts & minds - cook & eat project

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After School Club

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Happy & Proud project:

The Happy and Proud project uses the stories and heritage of Northern Women to raise the aspirations of girls living across Burnley communities. Our young women of the future have researched the struggles that women in the past faced and overcame to achieve their goals in life. They have recorded their findings through textiles, film, art, photography and design.

The Happy and Proud participants have not only learned a range of new skills as part of the project; they have also overcome their own personal barriers to achieving their aspirations for the future. This project has supported them to find a new direction and purpose – to find happiness and pride in becoming Burnley’s young talent of the future. Happy and Proud is a successful partnership project between Calico Homes, Participation Works NW, artist Sue Reddish, Hameldon Community College and Cherry Fold Primary School Burnley and Becca Who Designer. The project was funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Our community project won ‘Resident Support Worker of the Year’ at the Northern Housing Awards 2019.