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THANK YOU for a wonderful 16 years on the Space Bus!

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  • Sara Webb, Deputy Head Teacher
    Participation works have delivered a number of projects at The Rose School. The staff have a good understanding of our pupils and are excellent at getting them talking about current concerns without causing any worries to the pupils. Sessions are always fun but very professional.
    Sara Webb, Deputy Head Teacher
    The Rose School
  • Kate Tempest, Family Support Manager/Designated Safeguarding Lead
    Through my work with Participation works I have found the team to friendly/professional/ approachable and most of all they report any safeguarding concerns in a timely/ professional manner following any disclosures from our students. We are looking forward to welcoming them back for some more Educational sessions with our students.
    Kate Tempest, Family Support Manager/Designated Safeguarding Lead
    Sir John Thursby Community College
  • Participant
    I love coming to group for the friendships I have made and having someone to talk to. It has helped with the cost of living and cutting my shopping bill.
    Make A Meal Of It
  • Participant
    The group gets me out of the house instead of being alone at home.
    Make A Meal Of It
  • Nicola Larnach
    Lynne and Participation Works NW have worked in excellent Partnership with Burnley Together since Burnley Together was created in March 2020. Burnley Together commissioned PWNW to employ 2 call handlers for the contact hub from the very beginning. Shared values and regular two-way communication contributed to making this possible and work very well. By setting clear, defined mutual goals, and drawing upon each other’s strengths and expertise delivering The Christmas Appeal, The School uniform project and HAF programme resulted in great success for the families and community. Burnley Together and PWNW are both members of the same steering groups, network meetings and committees which enables them to have a greater knowledge and understanding of each other’s services and how they contributed to wider partnerships.
    Nicola Larnach
    Burnley Together Co-ordinator
  • Karen Arciniega
    Over the past 9 months we have had the opportunity to work alongside Lynne and the team at Participation Works NW and cannot speak highly enough of the work that they and the organisation do. As a business operator within Burnley town centre, over the years we have encountered a number of challenges with ASB in particular involving groups of young people within the area. We have found that the work, approach and activities that Lynne and her team have adopted and implemented as part of a joint initiative with the Burnley BID has been extremely successful in engaging with young adults and critically identifying wellbeing and safeguarding concerns amongst some vulnerable individuals. Aware of the success that their past interventions have had within Burnley town centre, we look forward to the next phase of support which has now been planned and confident that this will continue to greatly support the needs of our local young people and the community.
    Karen Arciniega
    Director, McDonalds Burnley
  • Inspector Rob Grey
    The Burnley Neighbourhood Policing team have worked closely with Participation Works for many years and we have built a strong relationship. We work closely with them to improve relationships with young people within the community and I believe that joint approach to engagement has been key to reducing anti-social behaviour in some of our key locations. Over the last 3 years we have had to endure the challenges throughout Covid and as a result we saw youth-related anti-social behaviour increase for a variety of reasons. We remained in regular contact with Lynne and Participation Works through out this period and when restrictions were eased, we were ready to pick up the targeted youth work and help the young people. The deployment of the Youth Bus on Burnley town centre over the last 12 months has been instrumental in reducing the anti-social behaviour which had increased significantly post-Covid restrictions. I sincerely believe that Lynne and her team have played a massive role in this which has helped reduce demand on the police but more importantly, improved the quality of life for our community. I know from speaking to Lynne regularly that she is always looking to improve her service and I am happy to support this in any way I can.
    Inspector Rob Grey
    Burnley Neighbourhood Policing
  • Year 6 girl from a Burnley Primary School
    Emma is motivational! She made us feel motivated to make changes. Attending this group in year 6 is great timing. It has helped with transition to high school and lifted worries around that too.
    Year 6 girl from a Burnley Primary School
    Believe & Achieve Project
  • Pastoral Lead, Burnley Primary School
    Having Emma coming into school as a 'neutral' person has been so beneficial to this group of children. They see group as somewhere 'cool' to go and look forward to attending. The children are able to open up in the group and talk about subjects they would not bring up with school staff.
    The children we chose for the group all have vulnerabilities, and to see how they have grown in confidence is amazing! One of our children, who struggles socially and struggles with self-confidence and self-image, has now started attending the Space Bus, because she knows Emma is there. This is a big step for her.
    Pastoral Lead, Burnley Primary School
    Believe & Achieve Project
  • Andrew Dean
    Burnley BID have had the pleasure of working with Participation Works on projects across Burnley Town Centre. Their knowledge, professionalism and passion to make a difference are second to none and the results of our partnership can be felt across our district. We continue to work with them and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services to others.
    Andrew Dean
    Burnley BID Project Manager
  • R, Year 6 Boy from a Burnley Primary School
    I love going to group! Emma is not scared to answer our questions. I was scared about my body changing and I asked her some questions. She was able to answer honestly. My confidence about my body changing was a 1 and now it’s a 9. She understands us and we have fun!
    R, Year 6 Boy from a Burnley Primary School
    Believe & Achieve Project
  • B, Year 6 Boy from Burnley High School
    I enjoy the group and have fun. We have talked about a lot of things. The group is confidential so I know I can say things that I wouldn’t say in class. It has helped with my confidence.
    B, Year 6 Boy from Burnley High School
    Believe & Achieve Project
  • G, Year 6 Boy from a Burnley Primary School
    I enjoy the group. The group is funny and relaxed even though we are talking about serious things. It helps with self-esteem. I get a good feeling in my tummy.
    G, Year 6 Boy from a Burnley Primary School
    Believe & Achieve Project
  • K, Year 6 Boy from a Burnley Primary School
    Attending group has made me realise I am not alone and that other children have similar anxieties. I am happy and relaxed in group and I can talk about things I wouldn’t normally talk about in school.  The group has helped me to start to feel better. I feel more confident in all areas of school – I don’t worry about my marks anymore, it has helped me persevere with my work.
    K, Year 6 Boy from a Burnley Primary School
    Believe & Achieve Project