After School Clubs &
Parents Groups

Our After School Clubs are aimed at those children who need extra support and nurturing.

Learning new skills, meeting new friends and have fun in a safe caring environment, enabling children to grow and engage positively.

Our Parent Groups are targeted at families that need extra support. Through building trusting relationships, we identify needs and issues, helping them with skills such as budgeting, health and nutrition, cooking on a budget, CV writing, job applications, bene-fits advice. Signposting and referring them to appropriate agencies, making a difference in confidence, social skills, independence and health and wellbeing.

Service Aims

  • Learn new skills - such as cooking on a budget for families. Team building and social skills for young people
  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • Improve coping strategies and problem solving techniques
  • Offer a warm, friendly and caring envi-ronment
  • Provide a safe space for parents to talk about their issues
  • Increase knowledge of support services available
  • Learn to manage budgets
  • An escape from day to day life and issues
  • Make new friends
  • Volunteer opportunities


  • Better life chances - both groups will learn new skills - cooking, budgeting skills
  • Improved emotional health and well being
  • Improved behaviour and attitudes
  • Parents volunteering on the project or other opportunities
  • Increase awareness of support agencies/services
  • Healthier lifestyles
  • Improved employability
  • Increased resilience to problems/issues
  • Improved educational attainment
  • Raised aspirations


Deliver after schools clubs which are fun, interactive and in a safe friendly environment for young people to ex-press themselves and learn new skills. In partnership with local Schools.

Parents group - by using food as a tool to engage the parents, tailoring work-shops around the issues they raise, such as health, benefits advice, child behaviour issues, job advice etc.