Calico Homes Supported Living Project

Participation Works NW originally started in community engagement - getting out into communities, speaking to people who live & work there, and partnering with other organisations to address the issues identified.

Whilst our organisation has evolved, community engagement is still at the heart of what we do. In 2020, we started working with Calico Homes on the development of the supported living project on the Burnley General Hospital site. We regularly meet with the public, engaging them in every step of the development, giving them the opportunity to have a say in key decisions that will shape these fantastic new homes. We will continue to be part of this project until the development is completed in 2024.



Town Centre Detached Provision

In 2023 we were asked by the Police & Burnley Town Centre BID Team to support the retailers on the market hall to tackle anti-social behaviour. Our detached team now have a stall on the market and attend on a weekly basis, engaging with and supporting young people on a range of issues. We work in partnership with other local organisations to ensure a continuous presence and service throughout the week at peak times.

detached town centre
detached daytime