Make A Meal Of It

Launched in September 2022, Make A Meal Of It is a social cooking group, available to all ages, and together we prepare and cook budget recipes. At the end of the session, each participant takes home a family-sized meal and dessert for their household. The aim of the group is to encourage participants to learn new cooking skills and recipes, to combat loneliness by spending time with others, and to help with the rising cost of living, tackling food poverty in our communities.

We now have 10 regular participants, who have grown in confidence as a group, working together each week to use our 2-hour time slot efficiently to prepare and cook meals and plan for the weeks ahead. We also have lunch together during the group, which is a valuable time to get to know the participants and signpost them to any partner services who may be able to help them in various aspects of life that they may find difficult.



Approx people fed each week


Meals made to date