#NoFilter is the name given to our in-school girls project, where our experienced female youth workers engage with small groups of girls in local high schools. Each project runs for 12 weeks, building trusting relationships with the participants in order to break down barriers & create a safe space to tackle difficult topics such as healthy relationships, body image, etc. that they might not feel comfortable discussing elsewhere.

The project has been really positively received by the girls involved, who engaged openly and honestly and gave us some great feedback. We are hopeful that the progress made throughout the sessions will positively influence the choices that these girls make in the future. Brighter Lives North West also attended the sessions, providing extra support to individuals where needed.

Once each project finishes its 12 week run, we repeat the project in another local high school, furthering its impact. Our team have really enjoyed delivering this project and seeing the progress each individual has made along the way.

We can create bespoke projects, tailored to your school's needs - get in touch with lynne_participationworks@yahoo.co.uk to see how we can help.

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