Emotional Health and
Well Being Projects

Whilst physical health will always be a hugely topical focus in modern society as we strive to encourage children and young people to take more exercise and eat more healthily, we can’t overlook how important it is to pay just as much attention to the emotional health and wellbeing of the youngest members of our society.

With healthy minds, viewpoints and attitudes, young people will go on to shape the future of our society, so it’s important that organisations such as The Participation Works do all we can to nurture this group.

We work directly with young people in the community who need additional support to unpack emotional health and wellbeing issues in their everyday lives, and who may be struggling to cope, organise or navigate one or many issues that they face individually or as part of a society or demographic group. These could be issues relating to school, social media, peer pressure, bullying, family worries, friends, health, the future, or even politics, to name just a few of the things our children are inundated with on a daily basis.

Project Aims

  • To run small group activities and workshops with targeted groups who are identified through schools, youth workers and other social/community agencies
  • To run small group and one-to-one sessions with those young people who self-refer in to our projects
  • To unpack topical, relevant and prevailing issues that young people face or are perhaps struggling to navigate or cope with in everyday life
  • To give young people an opportunity to talk openly about their issues in a safe and non-judgemental environment
  • To work in partnership with key agencies who can offer specialist support, such as counselling, therapeutic intervention and mental health support
  • To offer activities and workshops to improve our young people’s self-esteem, confidence and social skills
  • To encourage participation in positive activities and offer opportunities for positive choice
  • To give young people an opportunity for their voices to be heard
  • To engage young people in a manner that will improve behaviour and attitudes by fostering self-respect
  • To offer one-to-one advocacy and support sessions for any young person who needs our intervention

Project Outcomes

As with all of our projects at The Participation Works, engaging young people is not enough on its own. We need to know that our work is having a direct and positive impact on those who engage with what we offer. It is therefore our aim to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Provision of a safe space for young people to address their issues in a positive and practical manner
  • An improvement in the emotional health and wellbeing of all those we engage with
  • Facilitation of positive interaction and cohesion between young people and their communities
  • Opportunities for young people to make new friendships and develop existing relationships
  • Encouragement for young people to become positive role models within their communities
  • Provision of information, advice and guidance around issues that affect the lives of young people
  • Empowering young people to make positive life choices
  • Allowing young people opportunities to develop their interpersonal and social skills
  • An improvement in the physical health, emotional health and overall wellbeing of all those we work with
  • Signposting young people towards the range of support services available to them