Emotional Health and
Well Being Projects

To work with young people who need additional support to unpack emotional health and well being issues and who are struggling to cope with issues in their day to day life e.g School, family, relationships etc.

Service Aims

  • Run small group workshops with targeted groups who are identified through Schools, youth workers, self referrals and agencies
  • To unpack issues young people are struggling to cope with
  • To give them an opportunity to talk openly about their issues in a safe non judgemental environment
  • Work with key support agencies who can offer specialist support such as counsellors and mental health support for young people
  • Improve self esteem, confidence and social skills
  • Encourage participation in positive activities
  • Give young people a voice
  • Improve behaviour and attitudes
  • Offer 1:1 support


The projects are designed around the young people taking part, with workshops tailored to their issues and needs. Young people can be referred in timescales can be flexible.


  • Provide a safe space for young people to address their issues in a positive and practical manner
  • Improved emotional health and well being
  • Positive interaction between young people and the community
  • Make new friendships
  • Young people to become positive role models within their communities
  • Greater knowledge and understanding of issues that affect their lives
  • Young people feeling empowered to make positive life choices
  • Improved inter personal skills
  • Improved health and well being
  • Greater understanding of support services available to them