Youth Projects

The Participation Works utilises creative ways to engage with young people from all backgrounds and cultures, and offers positive activities within sports, games, arts and workshop related projects to help our young people to learn, develop and achieve – all whilst having fun, finding new friends, and staying safe in a positive and nurturing space. With so much going on in young people’s hearts, heads and lives, we don’t want to just help them ‘survive’ these tough years of life – we want them to thrive!

The majority of our work centres around key issues such as alcohol, drugs, antisocial behaviour, sexual health, social media/internet safety, employability, aspirations and emotional health and wellbeing. These tend to be the biggest issues for young people today – and the communities they grow up in – but we are always open to the possibility of exploring other avenues of focus as society, technology and cultures evolve.

All of our work needs to be focused on outcomes, because without these, we have no impact.

The outcomes we strive for in all of our youth projects at The Participation Works are as follows:

  • Improved self-esteem, confidence and social skills
  • Participation in positive activities
  • Opportunities to make positive choices
  • Engagement with positive role models and projects to raise aspirations
  • Homework and study support
  • Careers advice, CV writing and study/employment applications
  • Stronger and more relaxed relationships within the wider community
  • Increase in self-respect, improved behaviour and positive attitudes
  • Better understanding of sexual health, personal safety and relationships
  • The opportunity for young people to get their voice heard


Our projects are bespoke to each community, organisation and/or group we work with, to make sure that funding is allocated and spent appropriately in the hope of future sustainability and added sponsorship. Our delivery can take shape in any form, such as interactive workshops, drop-in sessions, support groups, afterschool clubs, holiday schemes, outreach programmes and, where possible, aspirational visits ‘off-site’. From alcohol to aspirations, and from sexual health to study support, there isn’t an aspect we aren’t qualified to deliver or experienced to handle. Please head over to our Case Studies page for more information.

To date, each of our projects have been funded through partners such as The Clinical Commissioning Group, Warburtons, Awards 4 All, The Big Lottery Fund, Children in Need, Newground, Pendle Housing and Heritage Lottery to name just a few.

We also offer projects to schools and other organisations who wish to ‘buy in’ directly to our value-added provision. We speak directly with organisations to tailor make projects that best suit the needs of their children and young people.

Could your school or organisation benefit from this? Check out our contact details below and let us know what you need.


Project Lifecycle

Below is a model for how our projects run here at The Participation Works: